Monday, September 19, 2011

Skyy Black , Roxy Reynolds and Misty Stone - Cream Filled Phatties Trailer

This movie is all about bustin' nuts in big-butt Black sluts! Major phatties gettin' Black dick drillin' and cream pie fillin'. These mofo's won't stop til they see the cum pop. Give 'em your best deposit and watch 'em return it like they wanted a nickel for recycling!
Deep Threat goes all the way up inside Misty Stone driving his big Black bone home. When he gets it all the way balls deep that's the time he knows it's right to let his seed take flight. She rolls over and looks thick and creamy with his big batch leakin' out all over her bed!
Skyy Black is a thick Black Ho with a hairless pussy. She shaves that snatch perfectly smooth because she knows it's goin' on camera and she wants it to look pretty for you! Rock pumps her up like a mutha-fuck'n milkshake and leaves enough cum inside to keep her smiling!
Brown Suga spent half her paycheck on eye-makup it seems. Bitch showed up with them bright blue eyelids begging to have her pink parts filled up with sticky white cum. Those colors make for quite a painting on her Black body!
Some bitches start taking a few plays off when you let them get up on top. They slack and let gravity do their business for them. Amile Waters shows Hos everywhere the right way for them to work it on top. Watch the way she puts her back into every hip thrust!
Roxy Reynolds wants to feel the warm mess from Rico Strong pumped up inside her pussy. Rico knows he got to have a strong pimphand so watch the way he makes the bitch work for his reward. He got her crawling around the room and doin' all the work!

Skyy Black and Roxy Reynolds - Cream Filled Phatties brought to you by PornHub

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