Monday, September 5, 2011

Bump N' Grind 2 Trailer

These girlz know how to shake that ass. From the strip club to your dick nub, these horny young sista's tease and please. There ain't no sex in the mutha-fuck'n Champagne Room but when these bitches get home from the club this is what they' men get at home!
Vixen Fyra been dancin' at the club for damn near four hours and she comes home but she knows better than to act like she's tired. Rock don't play no games and when his bitches get in that door they best be ready for some more on the floor!
Vanessa Monet may be the new pretty girl at the club, but at home she is a whore with a lot more to prove. Her man Ramon has been thinking of kick'n her to the curb and replacing her ass with a better new beauty. If she wants to stay in his crib she better get her game on!
Malia Love dreams about a time when she can stop dancing and be a stay at home housewife. Haz don't have no stay at home Hos in his life and he ain't about to start collecting any. He leaves a load in her ass to remind her why he keeps her around. It ain't because she cooks well!
She's so light she may as well be white. Tia Sweets has always been a good earner and that keeps Rock happy most of the time but when the bitch talks back she needs to know that he ain't soft. Here is fucks her right and splatters her face with his spunk to help keep her mind right!
Misty Stone keeps saying she's ready to dance at the club. Tee Reel knows he has a rep to protect and he ain't about to send out bitches who misunderstand their role in the game. Playas count on Tee for top shelf pussy that is talented and well trained so Misty ain't workin' it out anywhere for a while longer.

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